Exclusive Management Services E.M.S recruit high quality house personnel !

We provide long and short-term employment in private villas,
butlers, house managers, chefs, chamber maids, housekeepers, security, personal trainers and more.

We work in close collaboration with you to be able to respond to your needs and your specific requests.

This is why it is important that you communicate to us your wishes, your needs and your expectations, as the candidate as the candidate who will gain this position so close to your personal life clearly will need to be very well chosen. It is imperative for us to accumulate as much information as possible on any candidate, with the aim of presenting to you only the best applicants for any given position. Most evidently, we treat any information linked to our clients with the highest confidentiality.

We analyse numerous criteria with the aim of achieving the best candidate-employer combination. Every candidate is represented by a complete dossier :
Curriculum vitae, motivation letter, employers’ & clients’ references, criminal record, diplomas.

Our database “Candidates” and our research includes only the most experimented, trained and recommended profiles. Our candidates are qualified and mostly multilingual so they can adapt easily to your culture and your traditions as well as make the connection to local services.

We will present to you a rigorous selection of candidates who have the experience and competences necessary to reach up to your requirements.

Our aim is to construct a professional relationship with our clients which shows by a long-term stability with the employed house staff.


Spontaneous Application

Please feel free to apply by sending us your curriculum vitae, motivation letter, employers’ & clients’ references, criminal record, passport, driving licence, diplomas and other documents you may judge important.

After having read your documents we are going to contact you. In any case we insist on the provision of serious and verifiable references.