You are the owner of an estate or villa and you are not continuously present to take care of it. You would like a person in place, a reliable person, reactive and competent who supervises, represents your interests and intervenes immediately in case of problems on your property during your absence.
We propose to you to take complete stewardship of your property and to also assist you with the rental management of your domain if you so wish. Our goal is to relieve you of all the worries and chores that inevitably accompany the property management from a distance, and to permit to you and your guests to fully profit from your domain during all of your stays.
We commit ourselves to mobilizing all means, human and material, to satisfy your requests with diligence and within the given time periods.

To achieve this, we make available to you our skilled teams of pool cleaners, gardeners, builders, electricians, plumbers, painters, etc. We are going to support you with your project as a whole. We also take charge of requesting comparative quotations from any contractors, supervise the entirety of works undertaken on your property and advise you on property improvement and equipment to optimise the profitability of your domain.

For control and supervision of your property while you are not present, you would need a partner in confidence who will assure everything is in place and functioning during your absence as well as during your presence.


Whether your requests are one-off or regular we propose to you, by our service of villa and estate stewardship, a monthly or annual subscription tailored to your wishes and needs defined by you and us together based on your priorities, your needs and the individual characteristics of your property.

We attend to the correct advancement of activities on the entire property by taking care of security, personnel management, interior and exterior maintenance, ordering of supplies, work planning, construction and renovation projects, budget management and to the correct functioning of the property as a whole.

We are your control mechanism, the point of confidence and the unique link between you and the employees, suppliers and different subcontractors.

With the aim of keeping detailed and regular records and contact during your period of absence, we offer a weekly or monthly written report that details all of the activities that happened on your property.

Our goal is to have a vigilant eye on the functioning of your property, to keep it well organized and impeccably maintained. It is for this reason that we limit the number of properties we manage, to make sure to be able to respond to all of your requests for a five-star service.
A tailor-made, private management, professional, human and reactive!